APRC supports the coalition of organizations engaging in federal legislative policy reform for people with autism and their families.



  • An autism advocacy pipeline that provides the federal lawmakers and agencies tools and insights they need to better support autism
  • An ongoing resource and presence in D.C. focusing on policy reform to enable autism organizations to cultivate common objectives
  • A powerful voice with a seat at the table advocating for our member organizations, representing their interests to branches of federal government  using professional strategies to achieve common goals
  • Lean practice that recognizes positive action, welcomes new members, and keeps engaged on policy topics to produce results that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with autism
  • Pass APRC Legislation during 2019




Studies have shown that the prevalence of children with autism continues to grow at astounding rates.  The existing policies, support, and federal funds spend have not been effective in servicing the needs of the people and their families affected by this devastating disease.

The Autism Policy Reform Coalition (APRC) has constituted itself as united organizations serving people with autism, by coming together to propose meaningful legislation that will make real differences in the lives of those with autism – their families, physicians, communities, and our nation.