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We are pleased to announce good news and want to thank everyone in the community who has helped our work!

APRC has been fighting since 2014 to reform national policy on autism, to improve the federal law which controls that policy, especially by changing the emphasis of NIH autism research towards environmental causation and changing the paradigm of autism treatment from a psychiatric model to a medical model.

We are delighted that the newly passed Autism C.A.R.E.S. Act included an important amendment to the version as introduced back in February, which advanced these goals.

The amendment says:

"Such research shall investigate the causes (including possible environmental causes), diagnosis or ruling out, early and ongoing detection, prevention, services across the lifespan, supports, intervention, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, including dissemination and implementation of clinical care, supports, interventions, and treatments.’’

APRC lobbied to add specific reference to environmental causes and the dissemination and implementation of clinical care, supports, interventions and treatments.

The requirement for “dissemination and implementation of clinical care...and treatments" is particularly important when read together with another  section of the bill, requiring a report to Congress within two years on "primary and preventative care...emergency visits and acute care hospitalization...treatment for co-occurring conditions...and medical practitioner training."

APRC will now turn its attention to advocating for the full, fast and effective implementation of these favorable developments in federal autism policy.

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