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ACTION:  CALL all members of the Senate HELP Committee (listed here)

MESSAGE:  Please pass the house version of the Autism CARES Act reauthorization without changes.

BACKGROUND:  The U.S. House of Representatives amended the Autism CARES Act in the spirit and intent of APRC proposed amendments.  We are happy with the changes.  But the new bill must still pass the Senate!

Representative Michael F. Doyle, Jr. (D-PA) submitted an Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute to H.R. 1058 to the House E&C Committee on July 17, 2019.  The Committee approved the amendment which then passed the House of Representatives on July 26, 2019.
The Doyle amendment adds critical pieces missing from the 2014 Autism CARES Act.  The amendment says "Such research shall investigate the causes (including possible environmental causes), diagnosis or ruling out, early and ongoing detection, prevention, services across the lifespan, supports, intervention, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, including dissemination and implementation of clinical care, supports, interventions, and treatments.’’

This will be a big win for the families. Thanks to the great people who called Congressional Representatives during the past few weeks, thirty-six legacy advocacy groups that do not represent family interests would have had their way pushing a reauthorization through without improvements. 

APRC lobbied extensively for six years to add in specific references to environmental causes and the dissemination and implementation of clinical care, supports, interventions and treatments.  The Doyle amendment combines the spirit and intent of the two APRC policy requests into one amendment.

The Doyle Amendment places a mandate on NIH rather than HRSA to develop and disseminate standards of treatment and prevention to the medical community. This is better than we asked.  Formulating standards without causation based treatment research would perpetuate the myopic archetype of early psychiatric treatment as the prevailing standard of care.

Furthermore, APRC recommended a mandate that NIH follow the IACC strategic plan primarily because NIH has largely ignored the plan to investigate environmental causation.  The Doyle amendment is even better because that mandate will be stronger having emanated from statutory law. 

This bill must still pass the Senate before the President signs it into law.  Please make the call!



 July 29, 2019     Action Alert #3

Unlocking Autism


The Autism CARES Act is slated to be reauthorized in 2019.  Today, we spend less per affected person looking for scientific answers than at the passage of the Autism CARES Act in 2006 because the rising tide of Autism has swamped the intensification of research spending.  But the APRC believes, supported by the GAO studies of the matter, that much, perhaps most, of the significant taxpayer investment in research since the passage of the Autism CARES Act has been wasted.

APRC does not petition Congress for more money, but for meaningful policy reforms to bring accountability and effectiveness to federal efforts on Autism. 

The Autism CARES Act needs to be fixed!!  Please click on the link below to read more about APRC's position on how to fix the Autism CARES Act!

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FLA.)

Autism CARES Act Described

2006 Autism Legislation Co-Sponsors Endorse APRC Amendments




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